Hi there. I’m Alexander, journalist and social editor at Politiken, specializing in digital journalism, social media and video.

Some view modern digital journalism with suspicion. Will social media and digital platforms destroy the news business as we know it? Probably yes.

Does this mean, that there’s no room for old media? Of course not.

But we need to rethink what a journalist should be able to do, and I embrace this challenge

Where others view the demise of the old media landscape with fear, I see opportunities all around. But we need to up our game, learn new ways to tell our stories, embrace the digital platforms and carefully but quickly push the boundaries of journalism.

So what do I do?

I’ve studied journalism, digital storytelling, communication, history and design. As a result, I enjoy both research, writing, filming and of course publishing the story in the best form possible. Especially on social media. I like to be in control of every step of telling a good story; from the research to the live field reporting to the post-production and reportage feature.

Currently I’m working with Politiken as an editor, developing our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Previous and current partners

During my student years I’ve contributed to a number of newspapers and websites.

Currently I work with: Kristeligt Dagblad, The Center for Journalism Studies at The University of Southern Denmark and The Danish Daily Information.

Recently I’ve been working with: The Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR.DK, Vice.com, Jydske Vestkysten, Netudgaven, and Modkraft.dk.

I also run a punk and hardcore zine called Living In The City, which goes into print a couple of times a year. I also write a bi-monthly column for the world’s biggest and best punk magazine, Maximum Rock’N’Roll.