Hi there. I’m Alexander, journalist and visual storyteller at the Danish daily Politiken.

I’ve studied journalism, history, digital storytelling, communication and design. As a result, I enjoy creating original content in many forms – writing, photographing and filming. Currently I’m part of the digital storytelling crew at Politiken. We develop high quality visual and digital stories worth your time.

A certain passion of mine is East Asia, especially Chinese and Japanese history and culture. I know some mandarin, am currently studying, and the faster I can go pay a visit to the region, the better.

Previous and current partners

Besides Politiken I do lectures in social media and journalism in cooperation with DMJX (one of the most wellknown Danish journalism schools), Kaas & Muldvad amongst others.  I also photograph, sometimes with various outlets in mind. I’m rooted in the local Copenhagen punk- and alternative music scene – if you head over to my Instagram, you’ll see what I mean.

Recently I’ve been working with: Kristeligt Dagblad, The Center for Journalism Studies at The University of Southern Denmark and The Danish Daily Information, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR.DK, Vice.com, Jydske Vestkysten, Netudgaven, and Modkraft.dk.

I also created the punk and hardcore zine called Living In The City, and I have been a contributor to the long-running punk mag Maximum Rock’N’Roll.